Facebook's New technology want you to type through your Brain

 If you tired from typing so many words from your phone, is not a matter of tension because facebook is launching a new technology within which you can type through your mind. You do not have to type 100-200 words with your phone. Whatever you just think about thoughts and it will be automatically typed through facebook technology. This facebook technology seems to be like science fiction.

Facebook once announced that at F8 developer conference 2017, Building 8 working on the brain-computer interface (BCI) program and investing time so that it will be used in Augmented Reality like AR Glasses.

One step closer to reality mind-reading, Facebook released the first significant update on AR project, researchers are now able to decode spoken words and phrases from activity in real-time.
In The Journal Nature Communications, this breakthrough was published and came out with an algorithm that will be able to read the thoughts of people who are suffering from brain injuries.

Regina Dugan, who was the chief visionary of facebook's secret lab said that Facebook wanted to create an advanced technology through which any person can type 100 words per minute through the brain. That would be five times faster than typing.

Some researchers, with Stanford University researchers, have already found a way to apply this technology on the paralyzed patients. But facebook's new technology requires the surgery in which electrodes are required to be implanted into the brain. Elon musk's startup Neurolink is trying to link the brains to computers.

Facebook has tried to find out by teaming up with the researchers of the University of California that they can decode the speech from the person's brain onto the computer screen.

The researchers worked with the three patients to be temporarily implanted the electrodes into their brain. The patients responded to the nine simple questions, such as "How is your room currently?" and "When do you want me to check back on you?". Simultaneously, machine learning algorithms were able to decode a small set of sentences, spoken words, and phrases from the brain, according to Facebook.

This algorithm that decodes the words, phrases, and sentences is currently only able to recognize a small set of words but the technology giant said that its non-invasive, wearable device could one day allow people with paralysis to communicate. 

Facebook first revealed its goals to read people’s minds in 2017 at its F8 conference, when Regina Dugan took to the stage and asked the question: “What if you could type directly from your brain?

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