Google Pixel 4 coming with two New Features || Full details

Today we are going to show you the two most new features of Google Pixel 4 Phone that makes your phone more amazing. On Monday, Google officially announced the two new features of google pixel 4 and the Phone will come with the squared shaped rear camera module. The two features will come to see on Google Pixel 4 for the first time.

Google Pixel 4 coming with two New Features || Full details

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor means your Phone will respond to you without touching itThis feature allows the users to operate the google pixel 4 just by waving their hands. Advanced Technology and Project Team (ATPT) has been working on the Soli project which is also known as motion-sensing radar. Radar, obviously you are familiar with the word it is the technology which is used to detect surrounding objects. Google Pixel 4 engineers have been working on the Soli project from the past 5 Years. They developed the tiny version which is placed at the top of the screen of google pixel 4 which is responsible for detecting surrounding motion nearby Google Pixel 4. They combine some AI algorithms with the radar to detect gestures nearby Phone. We have already seen this feature on sony Ericson SmartPhone in the past. But this time Google brings the new feature with an amazing impact.

Google Pixel 4 is the only Phone with the Soli technology, motion sensors allow you to skip the songs, silent Phone calls, and snooze the alarm, and much more functionality by just waving your hand in front of the google pixel 4 phones.

Face Unlock
Face unlock feature is an awesome feature to unlock the SmartPhones. But Google Pixel 4 engineers try it differently.

Other SmartPhones require to lift the phone in front of the Phone and hold the Phone for a second and then the Phone will be unlocked. But Google Pixel 4 engineer does all these things in a different way. Face Unlock method works in any orientation even if you holding it in an up-side manner. Google says "Soli sensor data is also processed on your phone, and it's never saved or shared with other Google services."This face unlocks feature in google pixel 4 is similar to the Apple FaceID.Beyond unlocking the phone by face lock, you will also be able to use this feature for making payments or logging into apps.

Is your data safe with Pixel 4?
The answer is Yes. Your data is absolutely secured in the Google Pixel 4. The image which is used to unlock the face lock is never shared and never saved. Your face data is secured in Pixel's Titan M security chip.

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