Helo App removes 1.6 lakhs account


Helo App removes 1.6 lakhs accounts after violating the guidelines

Helo app mainly focusing on Indian users.
Helo App is a social media platform where helo users mostly
 upload their videos or photos from which people can share and communicate with other language people as well as earn the money. This helo app supports mostly Indian language users like the Tamil language. Due to violating some guidelines, 1.6 lakhs accounts and 5 million post has been deleted from the helo app.

Helo App operates by china 's ByteDance company and it is the same company that also manages the Tik Tok app. This company started the services from the last year of June in India.

Head of Content Operation, Shyamanga Barooah told PTI that "we have created this App by focusing on Indian People so that people can get more interest from our app and use them as much as possible and people get this app through entertainment and can earn money by sharing our App. Helo app is a great app that provides a good platform for people".

He said that safety comes first for us. In this app, 1.6 lakhs accounts and 5 million posts have been deleted because this post and this account were breaking some violations of the helo app.

40 million users have been added to the app and this app provides 14 different Indian languages like Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, and many others.

Shyamanga Barooah said that the content which was removed contains 0.07 percentage of political content out of total content.

There are different ways of using the helo app. Different people use the helo app differently. Normal users use the helo app so that they can share their things with people, other people like celebrities use the helo app so that they can make their audience of different languages in different countries like Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, and others. The number of Indian People on the internet is higher in Active Users.

In the last year's comparison, this year 627 million users have been added as Indian users on the Internet. Active users are increasing day by day on the internet.

Helo app uses the concept of machine learning to separate the content of violation from its guidelines.

  • It is basically a video downloader app where you can easily download any video which is present in the app.
  • you can download the helo app through the play store.

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