This Is How A Phone Cover With Humanlike Skin looks?

 This Is How A Phone Cover With Humanlike Skin looks?

This Is How A Phone Cover With Humanlike Skin looks?

Something new is coming to save your phone from falling. It is the type of phone cover that will save your phone from breaking. It provides you with humanlike skin which is very ticklish and pinchable so that you people can feel flexibility with your Phone.

Marc Teyssier, a student of Telecom ParisTech created a skin-on interface that connects your phone with humanlike skin so that you people can easily interact with a phone by pinching a humanlike skin. Humanlike skin is responding to touch or pinch. The humanlike skin cover is available in mobile phones, touchpads,etc.

The term skin-on interface means it provides you a link to interact with your phone by using humanlike skin which is very ticklish and pinchable. This humanlike skin is artifical skin because our phone is automatically responding to us by touching and pinching a humanlike skin.

New gestures will be added soon in humanlike skin aka artificial skin.

You people can interact with your mobile apps by tapping the humanlike skin aka artificial skin.

It provides you tangible knobs using natural affordances that means you can turn up or down the volume of your phone by pinching the back of humanlike skin. 

You can use your finger as a joystick on a mouse trackpad, it provides you a better grip or you people can play the game by making humanlike Skin as a joystick.

Skin-on for Emotional communication
It provides tactile communication with a virtual avatar means hard pressure on humanlike skin means the anger generated.

Humanlike skin provides tactile communication with robots means small toy robots will respond to the tapping on humanlike skin.

Skin-on prototype
It is Embedded with wireless electronics.

The skin-on interface of humanlike skin comes in two versions are as follows---

1) Simple version
2) Ultrarealistic version.

Humanlike skin provides the physical pinch and stretches interactions that means you people can use humanlike skin as a touchpad in a laptop to zoom out and zoom in a picture.

Note: It justs a humanlike phone cover which is ticklish and pinchable and humanlike skin makes your phone ticklish and pinchable

The original website of Marc Teyssier: Click here

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