This Quantum Computer Can See 16 Sort Of Future.

 THE QUANTUM COMPUTER|This Quantum Computer Can See 16 Sort Of Future & 


At Nanyang Technological University in SINGAPORE, MILE GU  worked as an assistant professor.
Mile Gu with his fellow workers developed a QUANTUM SIMULATOR that can predict the future in 16 possible ways concomitantly at the moment.
Before understanding the phenomenon of 16 possible versions of the future you should know...


As in QUANTUM COMPUTERS, the information is stored in QUANTUM BITS or QUBITS. As classical computers store information as bits(0 or 1) but in Quantum computers subatomic particles exist in two distinct states at the same time which thanks to weird laws of quantum mechanics and so data can be stored in single-qubit when compared to a bit.
As Schrödinger's hypothetical cat concomitantly dead and alive unless and until someone opened the box, so as in qubit, superposition can equal both 0 & 1 until it's


  The experiment relates to tossing a coin four times and having 16 possible outcomes, hence outcomes of a single quantum particle of light or photon that passed through several sensors were encoded.


The term Perturbed coin used by the researchers because the classical model having a binary random variable that represents two states of coin inside a box.
In this process, the box is shaken so as to perturb the coin. Gu says"Imagine there's a box, and inside it is a single coin. At each step of the process, someone shakes the box a little bit, so the coin has a small probability of flipping."
As in traditional coin toss outcome always has an equal chance of being either heads or tails but the outcome of perturbed coin toss depends on the previous outcome.
let's understand with one example if a coin is tossed the third time and the outcome is tail then according to the process fourth outcome likely to be tail.
For the coin experiment then researchers gave two different ways:
i)strong jiggles
ii)weak jiggles
For the master map of the possible future, the superpositions of the strongly shaken coin and weakly shake coin are combined.

Dr.Strange: One of the heroes of Avenger Movie
Gu said, "It's sort of like Doctor Strange in the Avengers:Infinity War'". "He does a combined computation of all these possibilities to say, 'OK, if I change my decision in this small way, how much will the future change?' This is the direction our simulation  is moving forward to."

Application: With the complicated predictions by the quantum simulator it predicts in areas like weather or the stock market.

The simulator calculates only 16 possible outcomes due to limitations in computing power.
Though with the development in the field of quantum computing we are not far from the day when Quantum computers will be able to predict more possible versions of the future. 

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