How to boil water while camping?

Hello Everyone, in today's post, I am going to explain how to boil water while campingThere may be a lot of reasons for heating the water during the Camping. The reason may be that tea or coffee has to be made. Another reason may be to make freshwater by heating the normal water. So let's see how to boil water while camping.

Here is a brief on how to boil water while camping? The portable stove is a very good product, you can take it anywhere during camping and it is not very big in the size, so most of the campers use this portable stove while boiling the water.

There are many ways to boil water while camping are as follows:-

1) Portable Stove

2) Solar water heater Bag

3) Bucket Heater

4) Camp Fire

5) JetBoil

6) 12V Car kettle

7) Kelly Kettles

Now let's talk about each way in detail now,

1) Portable Stove

The portable stove is a very good product, you can take it anywhere during camping and it is not very big in the size, so most of the campers use this portable stove while boiling the water.

Some things you need to use for boiling water are a mini stove, hot water, and a lighter. You can boil your water by using these three things. It is very simple and easy to use. Inside it, you can heat the water for as long as you want.

Note: My best-ever recommendation to use a portable stove is JetBoil Mini StoveIt boils faster than another stove.

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2) Solar Water Heating Bags

Solar water heating Bags are also good, you can also use this bag to boil water. The size of the heating bag is available in various sizes, you can buy as per your requirement. This kind of heating bag doesn't require any fuel or a lighter to produce heat.

How its works:

You just simply pour the water into the heating bag and then the heating bag automatically boils your water. The heating bag will boil the water in a minute. It also depends on the surrounding environment like nature, a cold environment, or a hot environment.

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3) Bucket Style

Imagine if you have a bucket heater, in that case, you can easily boil the water without doing more hustle.

Step-1) Pour the water into the bucket, then you will need to hook the bucket heater into the power supply. You can easily arrange a portable generator. Normally every camper carries this power generator. Then, on the campground, you will be able to connect the bucket heater with the power supply. This can vary from situation to situation.

Step-2) After attaching the bucket heater to the power supply, you can boil your water and monitor the thermometer as per your boiling requirement. 

The thermometer will help you to measure the temperature of boiled water.

Note: Keep in mind that while using the bucket heater, you do not put your hand in the water, or else you may feel shocked.

Important Features of Bucket Heater:-

1) This bucket heater works very well. It is good to invest money in the bucket heater as it is very comfortable while using other containers as it is made of stainless-steel guard.

2) Bucket heater helps to heat water and Prevent plastic containers From Burning.

3) This will boil the water within 5-10 minutes.

4) Open Fire

The open Fire method is a very old method. Campers used to use this method many years ago, when technology did not come out so well in the market, then at that time, the campers used to generate the heat using the surrounding things.

The Camp Fire method is also useful nowadays, you just need firewood, matches, and water that's it. You just make sure that you are using a cup or pot which is placed over the coals and allow them to boil water naturally.

While using the method, you guys have to keep in mind that you use the right amount of firewood and keep the sticks small size so that they can catch the heat soon, and then you can use the long size sticks to maintain the flow of heat.

Sounds Good !!

Many campers use a campfire along with the rocks, with the help of rocks, they can keep the pot or cup over it. So that they can walk around with freehand without holding a cup or pot. It took 10 to 15 minutes after that the water becomes hot.

After heating, the pot or a container becomes very hot, so do not touch the container by hand, otherwise, it can burn your skin, so most of the campers use the hook to hold the pot( or container).

5) 12V Car kettle

12V Car kettle is the best product for car campers, you can use this product inside the car. You can plug this kettle into your car's cigarette lighter and boil the water as per your requirement.

So, here is my best recommendation to you all is a Uniox car kettle, it provides amazing features that you can select the temperature according to your need. Uniox car kettle can store 350ml water and it will boil the water within 10 minutes.

A car kettle helps to make noodles, tea, or coffee as soon as possible especially when you are going camping in the morning. It is also best to make soup or coffee when you are traveling.

By using a car kettle you don't need to provide the fire, just simple plug these in your car and use it. 

If the quantity of water is low and you have to heat water for a cup of coffee or tea, a car kettle is a very good product for making tea or coffee in the morning.

Sounds Cool !!

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6) Kelly Kettle

This is one of my favorite products which I highly recommend trying. Even if you have a different stove for something else, then you can use the key kettle for boiling water. 

Why it is one of the best Product for outdoor camping

1) It has a capacity for fast boiling.

2) Kelly Kettle helps in cooking foods.

3) It is made up of very high quality.

4) Beneficial product for outdoor activities.

5) Light-weightage

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I hope that you all would have liked this article of mine, if you have read all the things above, then you must have understood how to boil water while camping. 

I just want to say that if you can, then use a portable stove as it is very portable to carry along with backpacking and many campers use the portable stove because the water in this will soon become hot that's why we put the portable stove first in our list.

Note: I am not saying that you people blindly buy this product, you can also read reviews by visiting Amazon's site, if you feel this product is beneficial for you then only buy these products.

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