How To Fly With Camping Gear?

You guys are worried about how to fly with camping gear? People ask how should they pack their camping gear while flying, so that they do not have any problem and also wanted to know which camping gear is allowed while flying and which are not allowed.

No need to worry, I will give lots of tips and tricks in today's article. Stay tuned!

How To Fly With Camping Gear

How To Fly With Camping Gear

1) Pack Light-weight Gear

After packing all this stuff, check the luggage weight and size limit of that stuff. If your luggage has more weight and size, then you have to pay the high fees. You can also buy a luggage scale before going to the airport, with the help of a luggage scale, you can measure the limit and the weight of your luggage so that it does not exceed the limit. 

Before going to the airplane, you should know the maximum size limit of your luggage in the airlines.

You have to pack camping gear in such a way that it does not exceed the limit nor be underweight because if your limit is exceeded, then you will not be able to take that stuff for camping.

If your luggage is underweight means you will not enjoy camping if the stuff gets less, so you have to pack your stuff in smart as well, so that you can pack as many things you need and take them in the journey of camping, only then you will enjoy camping and you will be able to enjoy as much as you can.

If you are going to the market or online to buy a camping product, then you have to take care that your camping product should be lightly weighted so that you can carry it easily. Always try to buy a smaller tent and light-weighted gear

Do not pack multiple items. Pack the clothes of the single pair. During the camping, you will not change new clothes every day Right? , so you always have to keep in mind that you do not have to pack multiple items.

2) How to Protect Your Backpack When Flying

When traveling, you tie yourself to a seat belt by sitting on the seat and tie the backpack through a rope, but you don't take such risk that the rope can ever break, which can cause damage to your backpack. So you have to tie your luggage tight to the rope so that it doesn't break.

People want to store their belongings somewhere, so, first of all, you have to go to the campground and you will have to see a hotel near you so that you can stay there and keep your belongings safe. You can take a taxi or uber to reach the hotel.

My Personal Choice:

1) You can buy a Duffel Bag, it helps you to store the luggage up to 2 campers. It's quite big in size and can store a lot of items. Most airlines allow this bag to travel and most campers use this backpack to carry the kinds of stuff.

2) You can also buy a Laundry bag. It is light-weightage and foldable when empty.

3) If you are going by car, then you can buy a hard-sided suitcase. This bag is very good to go for car travelers.

3) Never Pack These Camping Gear while Flying

First of all, you have to see the term and conditions of your airlines, which gear you can carry and which ones cannot be carried.

There are many such products which will be required while camping or backpacking, which you cannot carry inside the airplane nor can you keep it in your luggage, so you have to take special care of this point.

Product List:-

1) Stove Fuel: You are not allowed to pack the stove fuel while flying.

2) Bear Spray: You cannot carry this product with you, if you want to use this product, then you can buy and use this product after reaching the camping site and you do not have to bring this product even when you return. You can leave for other campers.

How To Fly With Camping Gear

4) Pack These Camping Gear while Flying

You can take most of the gears with you, you can also pack some of them in your luggage bag. If any weapon is being taken, it will be checked at the airport

If you are carrying an expensive item for camping with you, then you have to keep that particular expensive thing in your carry bag. You do not have to keep that expensive in your luggage bag, you may lose your item if you put it in your checked luggage bag. The stuff disappears, but it's an exception.

Product List:-

1) Pack a Tent: You can pack your camping tents in your luggage, but this camping tent should be in your luggage bag because of the tent's stakes. 

2) Pack a Knife:  You can also carry a knife with you, but this knife should be in your luggage bag. Now, you must be wondering why we keep a small knife in a carry bag, but it is the policy of the airlines that you have to carry the knife in your checked luggage.

Note: If you are taking any sharp item, then you have to keep all those items covered so that it does not harm your luggage bag.

3) Pack a Backpacking Stove: You can carry the stove, but you have to take care that it should not contain any fuel and it should be clean.

4) Pack a MatchBox: You can also carry the matchbox and you can keep this match in your carry bag, you do not need to keep it in the chatting bag.

You can also keep a flashlight with you. The flashlight is very important at the time of camping, especially when you are doing night camping, you can also keep the flashlight inside your luggage bag or carry bag.

5) Can You Carry Your Trekking Pole While Flying?

Many campers ask if we can take the trekking pole while flying, you can take the trekking pole, but you will have to keep the trekking pole in your checked luggage.

Many people take the trekking pole in their hands at the airport, but airport security denies them, So I will recommend that you should keep the trekking pole with you from home so that you do not have any problem at the airport.

You have to keep in mind that your trekking pole should be in the luggage bag, you can keep it in your carry bag, but then the Airplane Authority will ask you for more payment.

6) Can you Directly Ship Your Gear to the Destination?

Many people prefer to ship their luggage directly to your camping site, so you have to follow the steps given below.

1) First, you will have to find a shipping company that can directly ship your luggage to the destination, for this you have to find it on the internet or around your house. Is there any company that can ship the luggage to the destination?

2) You can also rent a car in which you can keep your luggage, it will directly pick you up from your home and bring you to the destination.


At last, I would like to say that you people take care of your luggage at the time of flight and keep your luggage in the right quantity so that you do not have any problem at the airport while checking your luggage.

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Happy Camping!! 

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