How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping?

If you are going camping at night, then obviously you will definitely need firewood for a campfire. Let's see how much firewood do I need for campingThe most difficult thing to do during camping is to collect firewood and in how much amount

If you do not know the exact amount of firewood for the campfire, then before going camping, you must read today's article so that you come to know that how much firewood do I need for camping.

It is a lot of fun walking around the campfire, it is a memorable moment of a camping trip. You can also enjoy it for a long time, while the campfire lasts for a long time if it's cut out soon, then there will be no more fun in the camping at night.

The amount of Firewood may not be right with us, it may be short or large in amount. If there is not enough space in your car and it is not comfortable then it is most important that you keep the firewood in the correct amount.

How Much Firewood is in a Bundle?

A single Bundle consists of 4 to 5 sticks of wood. One stick is 12-15 inches long and the width of that is around 4-6 inches.

There is a question in the mind of the campers that how much wood is needed so that the campfire can burn for a long time, so it depends on two factors: what type of wood we are using and what is its size?

How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping?

This question depends on you how long you have to keep the campfire started. If you have to do a campfire for 3 hours then there will be a requirement of 1 to 3 Bundles of Firewood and if you have to do a campfire for 5 hours then 4 to 5 bundlesand finally, if you have to do a campfire for 7 hours then 6 to 8 bundles are required.

Note: You should always have a little more firewood, if you ever fall short of it while campfire, you can use it for extra usage or keep it there for next campers.

Types of Firewood

The thicker it will be, the longer it will burn, if the wood is very thin, it will end by burning soon, then during the camping, you have to take care that you use thick wood so that you can use it for a long time and can enjoy the camping experience.

If you want to take a bundle of firewood to the market, first check its dense nature by holding it with your hand and checking its weight also.

The below-mentioned steps are very important steps if you forget to pack firewood before going camping, then you have to take care of this step so that you can collect firewood around your campsite.

How to Collect Firewood around your Campsite?

Follow the below-mentioned tips

1) If you have to collect firewood then you have to start collecting firewood in the morning or afternoon, you do not get it easily at night time.

2) Start searching the firewood where do you find the sun shines comes from, because that firewood will be dry firewood and it will catch fire soon.

3) While finding firewood around your campsite, you have to keep your path in mind, otherwise, you will get lost, always track your path by tracking device or compass or any signature steps.

4) Never pick up firewood in the forest with an empty hand, you have to pick the firewood by wearing gloves.

5) Don't depend on collecting the wood around the campsite. You should buy bundles of firewood at the beginning itself before going camping.

Climate and Weather

If you are thinking of camping in the winter season, then it is very difficult to get dry firewood because you will find rain mostly in the winter season, because of that all the wood gets wet, and make your camping experience worst. 

But if you are thinking of going the camping in summer season then it is good because at that time the woods are dry in the forest, then you have a lot of fun at the campfire at night.

There are some camping sites where a campfire is not allowed.

About Moisture 

1) It is not necessary that the trees you are cutting to collect the woods are 100% dry. There is a little moisture inside the wood, due to which you can not use those sticks in the campfire.

2) It is not very difficult to burn fresh wood, but sometimes that fresh wood will make more smoke, which is not good for the surroundings.

The conclusion of the above two statements is that whether you buy the woods from the market or collect them from the surrounding area, you have to take care that the wood should be dry as possible.

4) Always try to find firewood that has only 10% of moisture in it.

How to Cook Over a Campfire

If you want to cook over a campfire, then you have to create a fire in the right amount, you have to put the coal between the wood, coal is very good for cooking. 

If you people are cooking over a campfire then do not use plastic material over a fire, plastic material can be burnt due to fire, you have to use pans and pots for cooking with rubber grips.

Don't burn your hand while cooking food, always use cooking hand gloves to grab pots or pans.

If you are cooking hot dogs or marshmallows, then use the skewer cooking method or if you are cooking burgers then use the Grill Gate method.

If you are keeping a matchbox so keep in mind that the matchbox should not be wet, otherwise the matchstick inside it will not work well and cannot ignite the fire properly.


In the last, I would like to say that in order to have maximum enjoyment in the campfire, you should arrange firewood in the correct amount so that you can enjoy it overnight while night camping.

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